About Us

Broadtower Insurance Solutions Inc.

Long-Term Care Insurance planning and distribution is available to marketing and sales organizations of any size. Broadtower Insurance Solutions raises the bar of excellence beyond the competition’s reach. We provide our members with industry leadership, insights and knowledge, top level access to the best in long-term care insurance planning solutions, products and insurance carriers. Step-up to new opportunities in long-term care insurance distribution.

Broadtower exceeds expectations in ways never before offered in the world of long-term care insurance planning:

  • Collaboration and Strategic Partnerships Towards Business-Building
  • Combo and Linked LTCI Products and Suitability Models
  • Experience, Networking and Comprehensive Performance Capabilities across Business and Marketing Functions

Innovation in Management and Operational Practices:

  • Case Management
  • Commission Accounting
  • Contracting
  • Underwriting

Marketing and Lead Generation Capabilities to Increase Revenues in Existing Markets:

  • Consumer Communication Tools
  • Creative
  • Event Support
  • Micro-Personalized Direct Mail and Print
  • Planning and Strategy
  • PR and Media Awareness

Market Research, Intelligence and Knowledge

Multi-life and Large Group LTCI Sales Expertise

Resources to Aid In Entering New Markets

Sales Training for Agencies at Any Level of Expertise

Strategic Insight, Think Tank and Opportunities Planning

The world of long-term care insurance planning, insurance and distribution is changing for the better. Expand and enhance your offerings while reducing overhead to create greater business-building capabilities. It’s time for you to join the team with the resources, skills and tools that can make this an important profit center. Contact us today!