Webinar: An Introduction to Insurance Commission Advance – A Broadtower Preferred Service Provider


Webinar: An Introduction to Insurance Commission Advance – A Broadtower Preferred Service Provider

Meet Insurance Commission Advance (ICA) - A Broadtower Insurance Preferred Service Provider

Thursday, January 9th, 11.00 - 11.30 AM PST


Insurance Commission Advance (ICA) is a specialty finance company focused on providing customized solutions for today’s insurance producers - with a focus on disrupting the traditional lending space and providing alternative solutions to traditional debt by utilizing existing renewals.

Managing Partner of ICA, Joe Botteron, will cover:

Commission Buyouts

  • Using existing renewals to pull cash flow forward with no strings attached: taxes, estate/succession planning, marketing, funding new product launches, dividends, buyout partners, debt, retirement, etc. The list is truly as unique as the agent.
  • ICA will do a deep dive analysis of your book and project out the future commissions based on commission schedule and anticipated lapse rates.
  • No multiples or factors applied, each policy is priced out individually.
  • ICA will work with you to gather the required documents making it a simple hassle free, no obligation valuation.

Agency Valuations

  • Total enterprise value.
  • Product mix and value created among each product type.
  • Exploring a new product launch: leads, conversions, commission schedules, what product are you chasing your tail with vs. which products are creating long-term value for your agency.


  • Looking to expand? Consider ICA to finance the acquisition.
  • Sum of the parts are greater than the whole. Agents and cross selling new clients is more valuable to you: Do they have a superior contract that is worth? Located in key markets? Have a product line you want to explore? Existing renewals are more valuable to ICA. Structure a transaction with no cash out of pocket. ICA buys the renewals, you get the agents, ongoing operations, and the opportunity to cross sell the existing book.

Heaping Commissions

  • Are you interested in receiving all your commissions up front at point of sale? A heaping program pays you 100% first year commissions + a multiple of your expected renewals day 1.
  • Are you an agency that could utilize this program? Would putting this in place be a benefit to your producers? By heaping their renewals with your own capital, you are building a more valuable renewal stream and ultimately a more successful agency.


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