The Nationwide Advanced Sales Journal July 2019


The Nationwide Advanced Sales Journal July 2019

Brought to you by the Advanced Consulting Group of Nationwide

Featuring: The LTC Talk Clients Need (and how to prepare), Why ERISA Matters (even when it's nonqualified), and using HSA's in Retirement Planning.


What You'll Find Inside:

  • Including health savings accounts as a retirement planning tool... Page 6
  • Preparing for an effective LTC conversation with clients... Page 8
  • Create income using deferred annuity to immediate annuity partial exchanges... Page 13
  • It's nonqualified - Why should I care about ERISA... Page 16
  • What's new in the 2018 Farm Bill... Page 21
  • Utilizing retirement plan contributions to maximize the IRC 199A deduction... Page 24

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