REMINDER! Just A Few Days Before OneAmerica Asset Care Product Update


REMINDER! Just A Few Days Before OneAmerica Asset Care Product Update

No new information - just a reminder. OneAmerica would need the application and the phone interview scheduled, but not necessarily completed by 9/20/2019. Also, be advised that OneAmerica is expecting many more applications than usual, so let your producers know there may be slight delays with their handling of new business. The sooner the business comes in before the deadline, the faster it will be processed.

Asset Care® Transition Rules

Additional State Notices

Montana and Washington, D.C. Announcement

Effective Sept. 21, Asset-Care® will no longer be available for sale in Montana and Washington, D.C. Existing applications must be submitted to the Home Office by Friday, Sept. 20, and be placed inforce by Dec. 31. We continue to work on these approvals and look forward to offering the new Asset Care as soon as possible after approvals are received.

California Announcement

Effective Sept. 23, we’re making changes to the Asset-Care base premium rates for California. These changes allow us to maintain product availability while we continue to seek approval on the new Asset Care product.

This change only affects applications submitted on or after Sept. 23. All existing inforce policies are not affected, as all premiums are contractually guaranteed to remain unchanged for the life of the policy.

What You Need to Know

State Approvals

The Asset Care Product Launch and Advertising Approval tracking spreadsheet shows the most current state availability information. You may continue to sell the current product in states where the new product has not launched, except for in Montana and Washington, D.C., as noted above.

Transition Rules for New State Availability

Click here for the full transition rules

Training Opportunities

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Have questions?

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