Alright, I admit I’m confused—but dear friends I am not alone. The only significant sign of life in life insurance sales are those products that lay claim to some level of contingent long term care planning. We certainly have a plethora (I love the way that word rolls off your tongue) of product options to accomplish a reduction in long term care risk. The problem is we have made a mess of trying to differentiate between the product choices.

The current inventory of named categories may unfortunately represent nothing more than hitting the synonym button on your computer. Let’s begin by reviewing the plain vanilla definitions of the most prevalent choices:

  • Combination: “A merging of different parts—where the individual elements are individually distinct.”
  • Hybrid: “A thing made combining two elements.”
  • Linked: “To make, form or suggest a connection.”


Originally published in the October 2020 edition of Broker World Magazine

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