NGL LTC: EssentialLTC – Underwriting Guide Update


NGL LTC: EssentialLTC – Underwriting Guide Update

As part of the recent product enhancements that took place on April 1, 2021 in 38 states, NGL released an updated Underwriting Guide dated 03.21. The new guide reflects the new Premier rate class structure, has added items based on your feedback and has more conditions listed in greater detail.

The guidelines in the updated guide are applicable to applications in all states, regardless of which version of EssentialLTC they use. Some notable updates include:

Guidelines for a family history of dementia

More details for elevated blood pressure

More details for diabetes

More details for osteopenia and osteoporosis

More details for physical therapy

A section for self-reported memory issues

And many more additions based on your feedback!

The original version of the Underwriting Guide dated 04.20, with the three-tier rate class structure (Preferred Plus/Preferred/Standard,) is still usable in AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE, FL, HI, IN, ND, NJ and SD. If you have a case where the original guide does not have enough detail for a certain condition, please refer to the "Premier" version for additional information.

Both versions of the guide are available at the Agent Resource Center in the "Reference Guides" section of the Sales & Marketing tab on the main navigation bar.

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