NGL EssentialLTC Videos


NGL EssentialLTC Videos

If you're looking for training videos for the EssentialLTC product, then NGL has got you covered. The Agent Resource Center (ARC) has videos covering key features of the product and the "how to" of their E-APP and underwriting process.

Visit the ARC today to find these videos under the Sales & Marketing tab or click the links below.

E-APP and Upload Demo

A brief demo on how easy it is to submit a NGL EssentialLTC long-term care application electronically using the E-APP or Upload Documents page.

Lifetime Benefit Rider Video

This short video highlights the Lifetime Benefit Period Extension Rider, a popular product feature, and demonstrates a situation in which your clients might be interested in this rider. Utilizing EssentialLTC's product features will allow you to personalize policy plans based on the needs of your clients.

Rate Calculator Demo

Brief demo of NGL's EssentialLTC long-term care calculator, designed to quickly run a quote and see the value proposition of the plan.

Shared Benefit Amount Rider Video

This video highlights the Shared Benefit Amount Rider, a popular product feature, that explains how if either or both insureds exhaust their own Benefit Amount, a joint Shared Benefit Amount will become accessible to either or both insureds.

Underwriting Process and Tips

Do you need a quick refresher on NGL's Long-Term Care insurance underwriting process? Watch NGL's presentation for tips to help you and your clients better understand the long-term care underwriting process.

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