Nationwide CareMatters® II Now Available in Florida


Nationwide CareMatters® II Now Available in Florida

Cash indemnity LTC benefits with the guarantees of a UL policy

Nationwide has launched a new linked-benefit LTC life insurance product, Nationwide CareMatters® II.

Now available in Florida.

CareMatters II is a flexible, competitively-priced linked-benefit universal life policy that offers clients:

  • Flexibility through cash indemnity LTC benefits that help clients obtain care where and from whom they prefer
  • Choice of a variety of payment options, including pay to Attained Age 100, make the policy accessible to more clients than ever before
  • Protection from inflation via one of several options, including a 3% compound option and a new U.S. Medical Care Inflation option based on changes in the cost of health care

Nationwide CareMatters II is designed to help bring the protection of a linked-benefit policy to a wider range of clients across a variety of ages and financial situations.

Get to know Nationwide CareMatters® II

Please look at this side-by-side comparison with YourLife CareMatters and review the new features.

For questions or to learn more about the benefits of Nationwide CareMatters II, contact Nationwide’s BGA Solutions Center at Agents: 1-888-767-7373.

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