Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Operation: Video Interview


Mutual of Omaha Underwriting Operation: Video Interview

Go behind the scenes with Demerri Bond, Manager of Mutual of Omaha's Underwriting area.

We're excited to bring you the first in a series of video interviews with members of our underwriting team!

This first interview is with the manager of our underwriting area, Demerri Bond. She's spent the last 20 years on our long-term care underwriting team, but before that, she was a long-term care nurse. The transition from being someone providing care to someone providing benefits for those who need it has given her a unique perspective that you'll want to see.

She also explains underwriting guidelines favorable physical exams, required lab tests and more. Check it out!

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New Feature

Not discussed in this video is a brand-new option for applicants 59 and younger. In lieu of a physical assessment with a physician, Mutual of Omaha can provide a paramed exam and labs at no cost to the client. Simply notate the application with the request.

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