Introducing NGL’s Producer Circle


Introducing NGL’s Producer Circle

To reward you for your hard work and accomplishments in 2022, NGL is inviting you to join their top producers for their Producer Circle trip in 2023!

What is NGL's Producer Circle?

The top 10 producing agents who sell NGL's EssentialLTC will earn a trip to a warm, sunny location with free airfare and hotel for themselves and a guest.  The trip will be held at a luxury resort where you'll have the chance to participate in unique activities, dine at high-end restaurants and relax on a beautiful beach.  NGL can't wait for you to join them for this awesome opportunity!

Click HERE for a hint at the destination.  NGL will announce where they're going and dates on July 1!

Standings will be emailed monthly.

NGL's Producer Circle Requirements

  • Producer's personal production only will be applied toward contest total. Only long term care production will be credited. Single premium payment options will be credited at 10%.
  • Premium amount credited is calculated on production from 01/01/2022 to 12/29/2022 and is net of all first year terminations, lapses, surrenders, not takens and early deaths.
  • To receive an award, all qualifying policies must be in good standing.
  • Producer must be actively appointed with NGL at time of award and have no debt balance.
  • NGL will be the final interpreter of the rules and guidelines of this contest. Award is non-negotiable.
  • Changes or substitutions in travel arrangements are not guaranteed and may require a fee payable by the attendee.
  • Award recipient may be contacted by NGL and will receive a 1099 for the full value of the award which may not be substituted or transferred.
  • Producer and guest must have a valid passport where required.

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