A Fairy Tale For True Believers


A Fairy Tale For True Believers

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom had not suffered any cataclysmic globalized wars or complete failure of its financial institutions for many years. This does not mean there were not close calls. This benevolent circumstance had allowed science, wealth accumulation and the overall quality of life to flourish. These privileged generations had evolved to become the most prosperous, innovative, creative proponents of maximizing freedom of will while demonstrating a boundless enthusiasm for democratic progress and accepting personal responsibility for the world and the people around them.

But like all fanciful stories the ultimate possibility for a complete happy ending remained just out of reach. There was a Flaw that persisted and festered in the dark corners of far too many hearts. The saddest component of the predicament was that they knew the truth that held them back but chose to ignore, obfuscate, diminish and outright deny the existence of a simple immutable truth: The march of time and the commensurate inevitable aging process cannot be forgotten, misplaced or altered.


Originally published in the January 2021 edition of Broker World Magazine

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